Action Plan: Building & Planning

Building and Planning Approval

PECAN recommends that Council change the planning and building approvals processes to mandate Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), Environmentally Sensitive Design (ESD) planning, energy efficiency and phase-out of gas for new buildings and extensions, by:

  • Ensuring all new Council developments incorporate ESD principles.
  • Amending the planning scheme to require carbon neutrality, including ESD and blue- green infrastructure principles, by 2023 in line with CASBE recommendations.
  • Requiring ESD consideration including deep soils in new developments to support canopy coverage and other greening initiatives.
  • Engaging with MAV, CASBE, and other local government bodies to advocate for changes to the planning scheme to require carbon neutrality, ESD and WSUD in new developments (i.e. 8-star ratings, prohibit gas connections, third pipe installation).
  • Requiring disclosure and essential upgrades on the sale of premises or on re-leasing of private and State managed properties.
  • Considering the significance of sea-level rise in planning.