Action Plan: Community Engagement & Education

Climate Emergency Education Initiatives

PECAN recommends that Council educates the community on climate change and Council’s climate emergency declaration, by:

  • Ensuring Council is informed and educated about the climate emergency and how the council and its operations must be transformed to respond to the climate emergency.
  • Engaging with the community (residents, commercial and industry sectors) about the reasons for climate emergency declaration and how the community can be assisted in tackling the climate emergency.
  • Promoting and publicising Council and community programs designed to address the climate emergency (stormwater harvesting, solar panels on roofs, power purchase agreements, etc).
  • Designing programs so residents understand the contribution these programs make in addressing the climate emergency
  • Including a community education component in all climate emergency-related community and Council programs, practices, and initiatives.
  • Utilising community outreach bodies (e.g. the Port Phillip EcoCentre) and drawing upon the municipality’s natural features to expand engagement of children in schools, and adults in community settings, in learning about their environment and the impact of the climate emergency.