Action Plan: EV Technology & Transportation

Vehicle Fleet Electrification – Council

PECAN recommends that Council electrify its vehicle fleets (cars, buses, rubbish collection, etc), including:

  • All new council owned, leased or contracted vehicles 100% electric by 2022.
  • Entire council owned, leased or contracted vehicles 100% electric by 2024.

Vehicle Fleet Electrification – Residential, Commercial, Industrial

PECAN recommends that Council supports electrification of private vehicle fleets (cars, buses, waste collection, etc), including:

  • Advocating for State and Federal government support for electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces – Council

PECAN recommends that Council install or allocate space for electric vehicle charging stations, including:

  • Advocating for the provision of electric vehicle infrastructure, ensuring equity, use of renewable electricity for charging, and preserving the public realm.


PECAN recommends that Council improve mobility including bike paths, walking/pedestrian access, public transport, and ride share/car sharing, by:

  • Increasing investment in infrastructure supporting low-impact transport modes (e.g. separated bike lanes, widening footpaths and prioritising bike lanes).
  • Ensuring interconnected transport to support low-impact modes (within and outside the municipality).
  • Immediate provision of temporary safe, separated bike paths to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Actively seeking state and federal government grant funds to increase low-carbon mobility infrastructure investment.