Skill Up and kickstart your involvement in the local climate movement!

People power has proved to be an immeasurable force in the fight against climate change across the whole world. All of the wins we have celebrated,, all of the progress we have made and changes that have been implemented can be credited to the invincible force of dedicated, passionate activists, doing what they can to make a difference. If there is one thing we can be certain of, it’s that if we want to create a clean, just and sustainable future, we need you. At PECAN, our individual groups have different areas of focus and a broad range of priorities, across local, state and nation wide climate action, but we came together with one overarching goal; to build a sustained, local, community lead response to the global climate emergency. We’re partnering with Progressive Port Phillip to hold a series of training workshops and introductory sessions to kickstart your involvement in the local climate movement.

These sessions are now complete. Catch up below!

Session 1 | Building the Movement with Cat Nadel from YOUNG Campaigns

Cat Nadel from YOUNG Campaigns will be taking us through the key elements of building and sustaining a healthy, effective movement, firstly by providing some background information on why people power is a crucial element of community activism and why groups focus on it. She will then go through some tips on running a group well, provide us with tactics on goal setting and refining the strategy of the group, as well as looking at the different ways groups can continue recruiting new, active volunteers.

Session 2 | Making the Media with Jess Harwood from the Sunrise Project

Jess Harwood from The Sunrise Project will run through how we can use both digital and traditional media to help grow our movement and build momentum within the community to further our goals. She will teach us how to create a strong social media presence and give us tips on maximising our community outreach.