Action Plan: Green Spaces & Canopy Cover

Green Space

PECAN recommends that Council expands access to green space and applies developer contributions to areas of greatest need, as well as:

  • Adopting Green Governance principles. 
  • Providing access to open space (based on Fishermans Bend standards):
    • District (5ha- 15ha within 15 minutes)
    • Precinct (1.2ha – 5ha within 10 minutes) is
    • Neighbourhood (500sqm – 1.2ha within 5 minutes)
    • Pocket Parks (200sqm – 400sqm within 2-5 minutes walk)
    • Linear Parks (200sqm)
  • Finalizing Review of Public Space Strategy by 2021

Canopy Cover

PECAN recommends that Council sets targets that increase the total amount of tree canopy cover across the municipality, including:

  • Amending targets to double canopy cover across the municipality from 19% to 40% by 2040 and setting intermediate targets for 2024, 2028 etc.
  • Ensuring planting selection guides prioritise climate-change resilience, longevity, biodiversity, canopy coverage at  maturity, and are available to the public.
  • Identifying those areas requiring increased tree canopy and potential maximum tree coverage across the municipality, using urban heat island hot spots for guidance. Based on this identification use a precinct planning and engagement approach to maximise outcomes.
  • Activate community groups to plant and maintain trees in parks and potential nature reserves.
  • Use best practice when developing and supporting growing trees including passive watering.
  • Encouraging planting on private land.
  • Prioritising canopy cover in all strategic documents including car parking and transport strategies.