Governments often request public submissions on issues they are planning to legislate on.
Below are the submissions that PECAN has made.

January 2023
Coal and Gas projects:
The Beyond Gas Network provided a submission to the EPBC review of coal and gas projects.

November 2022
Victorian Environmental Protection Case Studies:
PECAN has prepared the following three case studies on issues impacted by Victorian environment protection law and policy.

October 2022
Submission to the Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications: The Beyond Gas Network provided a submission to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Climate Trigger) Bill 2022.

October 2022
Submission on the Safeguard Mechanism. The Beyond Gas Network provided a submission on the Safeguard Mechanism which requires Australia’s largest greenhouse gas emitters to keep their net emissions below an emissions limit (a baseline).

May 2022
PECAN-SubmissionCouncilPlan&Budget2022-23: PECAN submission to
City of Port Phillip Council Plan and Budget 2022-2023.

May 2022
PECAN-EnvironmentalProtectionAnalysis-2022-04-20: PECAN paper on issues with the Environmental Protection Act.

April 2022
Viva Inquiry Submission: PECAN submission to the Viva Energy Gas Terminal Inquiry.

February 2022
Nature Strip Guidelines: PECAN submission to the City of Port Phillip’s draft Nature Strip Guidelines.

October 2021
PECAN’s letter to the NT Chief Minister regarding our concerns about the Northern Territory’s offsets policies – the Large Emitters policy from August and the Draft Offsets Policy released in September.

September 2021
PECAN ‘s submission to the City of Port Phillip regarding the review of their Procurement Policy. All procurement activity at Council is governed by the Procurement Policy, which outlines the principles, objectives and requirements that must be met when purchasing goods or services on behalf of Council. PECAN’s open letter to members, friends and supporters provides further analysis.

August 2021
Victoria’s Gas Substitution Roadmap‘ – PECAN submission to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on the future of gas in Victoria.

August 2021
Towards 2050: Gas Infrastructure in a Zero Emissions Economy‘ – PECAN submission to Infrastructure Victoria on the future of gas in Victoria.

July 2021
PECAN submission to the Senate Committee on the Beetaloo Instrument

March 2021
Following Port Phillip Council’s declaration of a climate emergency, PECAN has developed a Budget and Council Plan Submission 2021-2022, to incorporate actions and targets to tackle climate change into CoPP’s overarching mission and direction statements,

February 2021
The Green Line proposal advances a linear park that follows the route of the rail corridor from Alma Park to Elsternwick Nature Reserve and offers significant public benefits to the City of Port Phillip.

November 2020
PECAN paper – The Gas Industry in Australia – History, Policy and Politics

August 2020
PECAN submission to the NSW Independent Planning Commission on the Narabri Gas Project

July 2020
PECAN’s Climate Emergency Action Plan for the City of Port Phillip, identifying actions required to tackle the climate emergency.

July 2020
Submission to the City of Port Phillip responding to their request for Budget Submissions. PECAN Budget Submission 17 July 2020

June 2020
Submission to the Commonwealth Government Technology Investment Roadmap
Discussion Paper Technology-Investment-Roadmap-Submission-F-PECAN-2.pdf

May 2020
Submission to the Review of Environment Protection and Biodiversity
Conservation Act 1999 EPBC-Submission-final-with-references.pdf

January 2020
Submission to local Member Martin Foley on Victorian Emissions
Targets M_Foley_PRESENTATION_Final_JH.pdf