Governments often request public submissions on issues they are planning to legislate on.
Below are the submissions that PECAN has made.

August 2020
PECAN submission to the NSW Independent Planning Commission on the Narabri Gas Project

July 2020
Submission to the City of Port Phillip responding to their request for Budget Submissions. PECAN Budget Submission 17 July 2020

June 2020
Submission to the Commonwealth Government Technology Investment Roadmap
Discussion Paper Technology-Investment-Roadmap-Submission-F-PECAN-2.pdf

May 2020
Submission to the Review of Environment Protection and Biodiversity
Conservation Act 1999 EPBC-Submission-final-with-references.pdf

January 2020
Submission to local Member Martin Foley on Victorian Emissions
Targets M_Foley_PRESENTATION_Final_JH.pdf