Green Line

In response to council’s Draft Public Space Strategy, PECAN developed the Green Line project.

The Green Line is a community-developed proposal for a linear park that follows the route of the Sandringham rail corridor from South Yarra Station to Gardenvale Station.

The Green Line uses existing public open space and walking paths, and expands these by connecting and linking existing open space, along with rehabilitating underutilised spaces. The Green Line will improve pedestrian accessibility, increase habitat for biodiversity and tree canopy cover.

Suburbs along the Green Line will undergo significant population growth and urban densification in the coming decades. However, these suburbs already suffer from a lack of public open space, and are poorly prepared for population growth and the impacts of climate change.

Download the Green Line Proposal
Download the Green Line Section Plan

Community Battery for Port Phillip

PECAN worked with the Metropolitan Community Power Hub to explore having a community battery in Port Phillip. A feasibility plan was completed and we are now seeking support and funding from all levels of government to make this fabulous dream work.


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Rooftop Solar Program

PECAN is proud to be partnering with the Metro Community Power Hub to roll out an all-electric solar home program in Port Phillip with up to 20% off standard retail prices for rooftop solar, as part of the Community Power Hubs program delivered by Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government.