Action Plan: Waste Management

Waste and the Circular Economy

PECAN recommends that Council improve sustainability of waste disposal, reuse and recycling, including:

  • Accelerating implementation of the State Government’s Recycling Victoria action plan and undertaking education programs alongside rollout.
  • Reducing waste going to landfill by 75% by 2025.
  • Implementing a green waste composting program for reuse within the municipality by 2024.
  • Incorporating lessons from centralised waste recycling and FOGO collection pilots in Middle Park and South Melbourne into Recycling Victoria action plan rollout.
  • Applying for state government grants to implement services that reduce waste.
  • Working with commercial entities and premises to reduce waste.
  • Advocating for and – where possible – requiring (e.g. South Melbourne Market) the use of biodegradable packaging and bags.
  • Advocating for accelerated roll-out of the Victorian government’s Recycling Victoria 10-year waste and recycling action plan.