The upcoming council election in the City of Port Phillip is critical for ongoing climate action. We need to elect candidates who will take strong action to tackle the climate emergency. We recommend the candidates listed below based on their commitment to climate action in Port Phillip and their support for policies that are consistent with the Port Phillip Emergency Climate Action Network (PECAN) Climate Emergency Action Plan.

PECAN sent a questionnaire to all candidates in order to test their responses on key environmental and climate action issues at Port Phillip Council.
Candidates from the Ratepayers of Port Phillip chose not to complete the questionnaire, sending an email response instead and the two sitting Liberal Councillors did not respond.
In preparing our assessments we have relied primarily on the questionnaire responses, together with a range of other material, including the following sources:

Click on the ward maps to view further detail on candidates and their responses to the questionnaire.

You must number all of the boxes on your ballot, with 1 being your preferred candidate. You will need to post your completed ballot before 6pm Friday 23 October.